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Artwork I have worked on for conventions and others in collaboration or by commission. It's a passion of mine to work with organizations and individuals on projects of any size.

If you are interested in working with me please reach out via email

696F857B-02E8-48C1-B4A5-1D1855B05A46 (1).PNG

Artwork created for Castle Point Anime Convention's 2024 merchandise collection. The artwork depicts Castle Point's mascots, Ame and Pinky in my Tarot Card art style. This artwork was used on tote bags for the convention to sell.

Tote Bag Artwork

for Castle Point Anime Convention 2024

IMG_0269 (2).jpg

Badge Artwork


for Kowaicon 2022

Artwork created for online convention Kowaicon 2022. Each artist involved was tasked with creating their own badge artwork for this online event, and this is the piece I created. The theme was Halloween circus, so I illustrated an original witch character selling cotton candy.

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